Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Poltu Fiction

There are something which we don't realise or ignore until we get a chance to get that 'something'. These series of incidents doesn't date back to when I won the elections to be the Deputy G.Sec of BSA. I was happy and content to think that now I can directly influence matters and improve the irregularities as I see them today in the IIT system. After one month of being elected, I gave in to the thought that students are more or less powerless.

After the first meeting of SAC, I'm sure there ain't any visible changes that SAC can bring about.SAC representatives are the little donuts for the satisfaction of us students because we 'assume' they'll make the system better. This superficial perception among students that the SAC reps have a say in non-academic matters is indeed an 'asumed' one. They're puppets to the cruel IIT system. Every issue raised by the SAC reps is rejected by the faculty with lame and arbit reasons that makes me doubt whether they even listen to what we just said. I can clearly see that they ain't bothered

There's a clear mismatch among the responsibility and authority in all the student representation posts. No SAC member has any authority to take a decision even for making the slightest of a change. I am astonished when I see so many misconducts in my day-to-day life at the campus. What are we supposed to do? Wait for the next SAC meeting only to get our suggestions rejected. I am not saying this in any sort of anger but it is indeed, what has been going on. A tubelight in the Reading Room falls inches away from a student and not only nobody listens to us ( I don't even know where to complaint about it). A student literally fell off from the IIT bus due to over-crowdedness and everyone is merely a spectators. And even after raising the issue of increasing the bus frequency, no one bothers to listen.

One of the worst nightmares of every student in IIT Delhi. Even DISCO should compromise of elected student representatives as well. It can't consist of a chair comprising of just professors. The students need to have a say in the working of DISCO because there should be someone to defend the student as well. When the terrorists are allowed to get a lawyer, we're much less dangerous and the charges, I guess are not as severe. Why is the lack of trust prevailing so widely in our system? I wonder whether IIT Delhi is primarily for the students or for the administration and academic staff?

The boards constitutions looks elegantly framed but still there are loopholes. When it gets down to the biggest issue i.e finance where except for the Board President no one else have a say. When we ask them to give us more power, the simple reply is -"you can 'misuse' it." I am ashamed by the level of trust they expect from us and the extent to which they actually trust us. It just makes me feel we're the most corrupt people in the whole IIT system. If it's true then I wonder what'll be the future of this country if the next generation is assumed to be corrupt.

These international rankings and recognition for the istitution stands dismal if the students who actually study here feel disgusted about the system. We're given a sweet candy by stressing on the fact that yes, the student bodies comprises of elected people but the kind of freedom these people enjoy is too less to make a change. There's a strong need for the decentralization of power as the history tells us. We don't want such a democracy where some dictator rules and the Prime Minister just writes in his CV that he was once the Prime Minister.

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